Awards of Little Wolf Resort

„Little Wolf Resort“ was winning the international Prestige Awards, being recognized as:

„Hotel of the Year“ in Canada in 2020/21 – Canadian Prestige Awards
„Hotel of the Year“ in Canada in 2022/23 – Canadian Prestige Awards





An interview with:
Philip von der Burg

“Little Wolf Resort belongs to the most unique and exciting wilderness hotels in the world, located in the Great Bear Rainforest on the famous Skeena River, the prime region for salmon and steelhead fishing in Canada. The giant log structure of the resort is one of the finest wooden buildings on earth, shown on television in 150 countries all over the world. On a romantic, private riverfront deep within the forest, Little Wolf Resort is the ideal destination to explore the immense natural landscapes of British Columbia. We spoke to Philip von der Burg from the resort, to hear more about the experience and adventures guests can expect to find.”

» Your iconic log cabin style guesthouse has been featured on popular TV channels around the world such as National Geographic. What inspired the design and construction concept?

The design concept of Little Wolf Resort combines luxurious elegance and pure natural beauty. It was inspired and predetermined by the natural growth and diversity, as well as by the individual appearance of every tree that was used in its construction. Each one is a rare jewel of the forest, showing natural character and beauty. These characteristic trees were carefully selected and collected over years and finally compiled into a natural artwork. The entrance of the resort features four giant red cedars and a curved arch. These unique beauties developed a twisted growth to be resistant against exposure to strong winds. The mighty, over 1,000-year-old red cedar burl is one of the principal design elements of the hotel.

The interior also showcases elements that were inspired by the wilderness setting of the resort, surrounded by glacial creeks and the churning Skeena River. A white and blue Brazilian Azul granite slab with white quartz veins reflects a spring connected to a white quartz pebble river that runs through the entire main hall of Little Wolf. The original Burgundian medieval stone fireplace from the 11th century gives this area a magical and romantic atmosphere. It emanates warmth from the crackling flames and sheds atmospheric light, serving as a focal gathering point. A huge forked cedar tree is supporting the staircase and giant flared beams as well as pleated, mighty posts in the main hall, giving the feeling of walking through an ancient old growth rainforest.

» The Skeena River Valley in which your resort is based is considered to be something of a paradise for keen anglers and fishermen. In what ways does Little Wolf cater specifically to this type of guest?

The Skeena River system, and its tributaries, are known to be one of the most famous regions for salmon and steelhead fishing in the world. As one of the highlights, exclusively and free of charge for guests, Little Wolf offers excellent, remote flyfishing opportunities on its private riverbanks. In collaboration with a careful selection of local guided operations, the resort additionally provides one of the most varied flyfishing programmes and excursions to all river systems of the region.

Another outstanding highlight is our exclusive flyfishing and sightseeing helicopter tour to remote and untouched areas, starting directly on the helicopter landing field of the resort. Furthermore, Little Wolf Resort can offer salt- water fishing for halibut, red snapper, salmon, shrimp and crab on the scenic Pacific Ocean, in front of Prince Rupert and Kitimat. More excellent locations, such as the world- famous Copper, Kalum, and Kasiks rivers, as well as the Kispiox River and Bulkley River, are close by.